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How to I apply my topical acne medications?


Tazorac — Tazarotene
Differin — Adapalene / Epiduo
Tretinoin — Retin A / Retin A Micro / Atralin / Tretin-X

This topical medication helps treat and prevent acne.
1. Your acne may become worse before it gets better.
2. Use only a pea size amount for the entire face. Do not use only for spot treatment.
3. Stop all other toners, cleansers, scrubs, and acne products that are not prescribed by your doctor.
4. Wash your face with a mild soap such as Dove for sensitive skin, Cetaphil, Purpose, or Oil of Olay. It is best if you wait until the skin is completely dry, 20 — 30 minutes, before applying the medication.


a. Week 1 use only Monday and Friday
b. Week 2 use every other day
c. Week 3 use every day only if you are able to tolerate the medication. Otherwise continue using every other day.

6. You can expect some peeling / flaking but your skin should not be irritated.
If irritation occurs use the medication less often. These medications are strong. Using them as often as possible is ideal, but even three times per week can be sufficient.
7. Use a non-comedogenic moisturizer (Cetaphil, Purpose, Oil of Olay, Cerave or Neutrogena) in the morning and/or night.
8. Stop the medication if you become pregnant.
9. Be cautious with waxing (upper lip / eyebrows) when on these products skin
may be more sensitive. You may need to discontinue them a week or more before such treatments.
10. Be patient. It may take as long as 3 months before you notice improvement.
Please call us with any questions about your care.